New Feature: Sharing Saturdays (share your posts)

Hi readers. I have decided that it would be nice to regularly highlight your work on my website in a new weekly feature: Sharing Saturdays (I love alliteration, so sue me…on second thoughts, please don’t).

If you would like a post from your website to be featured on my site, just comment below with the link to it & I will highlight it here. If there are many of you who ask for your writing to be shared, I’ll highlight up to 10 each week in a table where in addition to including the link, I’ll add a brief description of each piece linked to. If it takes a while for this feature to get going, it may end up being one per week as a reblog instead…time will tell.

In return for me highlighting one of your posts, I would greatly appreciate it if you would in return share one of my posts on your site. If you’d like me to pick a specific one for you to share then I can do so. Alternatively, just select whichever piece of mine speaks to you personally. I’m terrible at selling myself & hope that some of you may have better luck than I. 😉

Hopefully this will result in all our sites reaching a broader audience & us picking up some more fabulous Followers along the way.

So…please comment below with a link to one of your posts which you’d like me to highlight.

11 thoughts on “New Feature: Sharing Saturdays (share your posts)

    1. Phew! Thanks Robin. Was concerned this new feature might be D.O.A.

      For being the first to add a link, you win a pink unicorn. Congrats. 🙂

      In terms of which of my pieces to share, so long as you personally like it would you mind sharing one of my short stories: “Beauty Fades From the Train”? See

      If this story doesn’t work for you, please be honest & I’ll select something else. There’s 200 pieces to choose from on my site. Sure we’ll find something suitable eventually. 😉

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