Sweet Like Chocolate

Memories come sweet like chocolate on a warm summer’s day.
Should I consume them quickly lest memories melt away
or savour them slowly one small piece at a time?

Your skin was the colour of chocolate and smooth as butter,
deep, dark eyes entrancing soon sent my heart aflutter
and your sweet laughter which made me melt.

I remember returning to you daily for another taste.
Savouring each second, leaving none to waste,
each mouthful more delicious than the last.

Eventually the time came when we sadly had to depart.
A warm hug like hot chocolate wrapped round my heart
and I promised to return for you someday.

After all these years, that sweetest someday is nearly here.
I slowly unwrap that bar, hungry fingers trembling with hope and fear,
for chocolate can be bitter as well as sweet.

What if my return is no longer wanted? What if it is?

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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