Love in Purgatory

If I had known when we had first met
of all of the pain that I’d get
by being right here everyday for you,
would I still play things the same,
would I still ask for your name
or would I take the first train away from you?

All the tough years they’ve torn by
and all the blows you’ve let fly
oh, how I’ve ached as I try to take care of you.
All the bruises broke vanity as
I still searched for your sanity
and it seems I lost myself in trying to find you.

Yet with each abuse that you gave
a new hard scale on me you made
until layer on layer I turned indestructible.
Now I’ve hardened this shell,
I’ll escape from this Hell
as I now turn to walk away from you.

Fine fond memories we had
but were they worth all the bad?
Would I go through it all again to be there for you?
I still wish you good health
but now I must take care of myself.
As I bid farewell I’ll still say a last prayer for you.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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