Hope for the World (Dry Your Eyes)

Dry your eyes señorita,
you dark day is almost done,
so stop to smell the flowers
bloom beneath the Spanish sun.
May the sun still bring you warmth,
may tomorrow fill your cup with hope,
may your famine be forgotten as
you find the courage to cope.

Please believe bella because,
there’ll be an end to despair’s dance,
a virgin hope it grows anew
among the wheat fields of France.
Happiness hides round every corner,
you only need to look to find,
from a selfless act from a stranger
to a friendship caring and kind.

Josei just try to hang on,
cling on as tight to life as you can.
I know it can feel so lonesome
in your cramped corner of Japan.
But company can come towards you,
could be tomorrow, might be today.
May gladness slay your sadness,
may love drive your demons away.

There’s a world of hope out there,
respite rests just over the next hill.
So wander wistful and wonder may
await and salvation find you still.
Travel on one step at a time,
each will feel easier than the last.
Time heals all wounds and distance
may help you lose ghosts of your past.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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