Loved You Lately

Well, has he loved you lately?
Did he love you until he heard you moan?
Did he send a shiver down your spine,
as I would if you were mine?
Can you still feel him when you’re all alone?

Well, does he need you, lady?
Does he need you more than he needs air?
And do you really need him back
or is it time for a new track?
Would you really miss him if he wasn’t there?

Well, when he holds you, baby?
Does he touch you warm and tender, kind?
Do you feel safe in his frail arms,
can he protect you from all harms?
Are you sure that he’s the best you’ll find?

Well, will you tell me maybe?
Would you consider giving us a chance?
I’m more than ready when you are,
take first step and we’ll go far
but first I’ll do my happy dance.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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