The Sleeping Curse

She sleeps in the darkness, pale skin draped in red.
He cries, lies beside her, a spectre shares her bed.
Walls they may fall around her, seas share his roar,
still she’d sleep silent, stranded on slumber’s shore.

He holds her hand, feels flaccid fingers frail within.
Does she know he’s here, take warmth from shattered skin?
Her life in twilight, dreams born bare beyond the veil.
His whispered whimper “I need you” as hope begins to fail.

The sun rises resplendent, it illuminates their plight.
His world was weaved with her, threadbare by daylight.
His kiss cannot wake, will she sleep a thousand years?
Days descend dumbfounded, lost count of all his tears.

Her beauty begins to fade but love lingers in his head.
Reminisce on a kiss and this touching thing she said.
Yet when memories are all you have, it is not a lot.
Perhaps it would be better if she could be forgot?

His heart hurts from beating, fleeting hope keeps him close.
In the corner last petal falls from forgotten romantic rose.
Maybe someday she may stir, most miraculously will wake?
Till then he’ll lie by her, his heart each day will break.

5 thoughts on “The Sleeping Curse

  1. Really gorgeously written piece. Makes me think Prince Charming is trapped in this sleeping beauty type curse too, except no one knows what will break the spell. Or if it can be broken?

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment – I’m glad you like it & appreciate your feedback. I love fairytales (especially the darker ones). I’ve also previously had a girlfriend who was in a coma & my fiancée has M.E while I have bouts of insomnia (went through a bad spell of it last year due to extremely stressful situation), so there was a lot I was able to draw on.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome, for sure a lot to draw from. I hope things improve. I can relate to the M.E. and the insomnia. I think the insomnia can be the worst!


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