Neurodivergent Island

Ever since I was a boyI’ve been told I’m wrongsinging out of key sometoo different song.Try to fit me inbut before too longI’ll fuck it up around you. Got me overthinkingevery single step I take.Straighten up that backuntil you hear it break.People don’t want to know you’re fake.Lie normal a little harder. Got me spacing … More Neurodivergent Island

Author’s note: The Alien & Alan (or, on being different)

As I start writing this, I don’t know exactly why I’m writing it, whether I’ll ever hit “Publish” or whether like most non-fiction things I start writing which are to do with me, I’ll just delete it partway through. Maybe I’m writing it as a form of therapy; to vent thoughts which have been going … More Author’s note: The Alien & Alan (or, on being different)

Author’s Note: Now For Hire (& Accepting Donations)

Hello, my lovely followers. Recently my life has taken a rather odd twist. Two weeks ago, I was working 50 hours a week from home on a self-employed basis for a computer games company who were based in Florida. Due to their main game being cancelled, they’ve now reduced my contracted hours to 10 a … More Author’s Note: Now For Hire (& Accepting Donations)

Burden Unburdened

They made you feel like a burden, borne by those stronger than thee. They would push, pull & carry, help but complain constantly! Some days they would milk it more, martyrs pushing your wheelchair. “Look strangers, aren’t I lovely for pushing her here to there?” They made you feel like a burden, baggage best left … More Burden Unburdened

Can you see him?

He scatters words as breadcrumbs: each are a little, loving clue. They’re the only way which he can capture what he longs to say to you. He sits silent in his wheelchair while you walk away above. His eyes take in your beauty, beating heart hurts from love. His limp legs sit shaking, he wishes … More Can you see him?

Author’s Note 4 & “Misty Monday Memories”

I’ve written a few pieces on my site now which deal with aspects of my fiancée’s (she said yes) condition, M.E. However, although I’ve mentioned it in passing, I’ve not yet written a poem which deals with my condition: dyspraxia. If you don’t like intros or prefer to just judge poems on their own merit … More Author’s Note 4 & “Misty Monday Memories”