The Cure?

I opened my heart, she poured poison in.
So sweetly spoiled, I withered within.
I masked my pain behind a Devil’s grin
as she gripped her claws upon my shoulder.
Now I’ve found the cure; a sugared sin.
Took tainted love, let life begin.
I’ll take a chance & upon you pin
a hope that dark days are over.

Now I’ve found my medicine.
And even if it isn’t true,
I’ll hope for hope & cling to you.
For false hope may still see me through.
Now I’ve found my medicine.
And even if you flatter to deceive,
I want it, need it, must believe.
Hold me close & please don’t leave.

It must be wrong because it feels so right.
I hug you near all through the night.
Feel poison flee from your healing light.
I’ll kiss your lips until the dawn.
A tender touch, a tangled thrill.
Your whispered words upon me spill.
Should I believe? I think I will.
Even lustful lies may keep me warm.


I say I love you then you say it back.
That brightest word shines through the black.
I’ll build my hopes on this flimsy stack.
It helps to hear it even if you don’t mean it.
It feels so real – at least for today.
Oh healing hope, I pray you’ll stay!
Your loving lies may dispel dismay.
Will wish them true, believe for a bit.


Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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